Jamiel Terry

Randall Terry's adopted son Jamiel, who came out as gay about 5 years ago, died yesterday in a car crash in Georgia.

In case some of you don't remember, Terry publicly disowned his son, and said this about him to beliefnet:

For me, the issue is that there has been an unbelievable lack of honesty. For me the breach is that I cannot have him in my home while I know that at any point, he could take pictures and sell them. I'm not going to have that kind of intrusion into my home.

And here's more from the beliefnet interview with Randall Terry about his son:

You regard homosexuality not as something in a person's nature but a behavior one falls into. Is that correct?

Behaviors are a choice. I do not contend that they ask for the feelings anymore than any of us ask for feelings. Feelings are sometimes out of our control. Behavior has to do with choices.

Have your views shifted at all since you found out Jamiel is gay?

No. There are three options when you find out a family member is homosexual. One is accept them and their lifestyle as if it's normal. Two is to reject them and sever your relationship. Three is to love them unconditionally, but to tell them you do not accept their behavior as normal, and to tell them the truth. If I love my son, I can't say to him, "Hey, you're committing suicide on the installment plan. This is a great lifestyle." I have to be honest with him. Take out the word homosexuality and put in alcoholism or put in drug addiction. Would you tell a drug addict, "I accept you. This is your choice, this is your life and I will stand by you"? The average death age of a male homosexual is 42 years old because of disease, because of suicide, because of alcoholism, because of drugs, because of violence. It's just not a good world. It's a self-abusive, self-destructive sexual addiction.

As imperfect as my parents were, thank God I didn't have Randall Terry for a father, adopted or otherwise.

May Jamiel find the love his father denied him in this life.