St. Paul's Protesters May Be Ordered, Then Forced, to Leave

Thinking Anglicans reports that the cathedral chapter and the City corporation are seriously considering getting a court order to clear the protesters from the grounds and from Paternoster Square in front. That would be the first step in a forcible eviction.

Activists face intense pressure to reconsider the St Paul's camp, not least for the resonance of being seen as responsible for the closure of a national landmark for the first time since the second world war. Church officials say the closure is costing St Paul's about £20,000 a day in lost revenue.
(from The Guardian)

So that's what it all boils down to, money, the god we all REALLY believe in despite what we say we believe in.

When I think of the prospect of police armed with clubs and teargas attacking unarmed protesters outside a house of God, what comes to my mind is a Yiddish word, shanda.